a quick chat over drinks or coffee




$150 for up to 2 hours



Let's chat over the phone, in person or via skype / FaceTime about what you want accomplished, what you want to keep, remove or change. it's helpful to have a floorplan and images of things or spaces you like or love

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.24.32 PM.png

I just need a professional eye, I can do the rest

 help sourcing & shopping but you handle the installation

$650 per ROOM

, includes 2 hour consultation


Get a Pinterest board with buyable pins & professionally drawn floorplan with 2 options on how to layout, proposal for sourced furniture, 2 options for what pieces to combine


totally revamp my space, while i’m out


48 hour makeover of your space, complete in two days

flat design ratE per project

after consultation


Everything including designs, painting, furniture install, hanging shelves, art, styling down to the coffee table books, all finished while you were out